Ravynia for GGL PART ONE Trio Package

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This is a very special collection that was created in collaboration with streamer Ravynia (you can find her at twitch.tv/ravynia). Ravynia (pronounced ruh-vin-ee-uh) is GGL’s first partner! Ravy (rav-ee) is a beloved part of the GGL team and has an extremely welcoming and inclusive community that she has built through streaming. This collaboration showcases some key aspects of her streaming community and experience.

Release Info: August 13th at 12pm MDT on geekishglitterlacquer.com. No discount codes will be able to be used on this collection. Each polish will be available individually at $12 each or buy the entire premium collection that includes all three polishes, special branded bag, and an autographed note from Ravy for $34.99. When a trio is purchased, it will come in a special satin drawstring bag with the Ravynia for Geekish Glitter Lacquer logo on it (as supplies last). Included will also be a signed card from Ravy and a sticker with our logo (also as supplies last). Additionally five people who purchase the trio will be randomly picked to receive a very limited polish (fewer than 10 bottles made) named Ravy’s Den. This polish is a navy blue jelly with pink-purple-blue shimmer and purple-blue-green iridescent flakies in it.


!doghairs: The name for this polish comes from a command that can be used in Ravynia’s stream and represents a fun community currency. You will be covered in dog hairs in Ravy’s stream between chat and her beautiful pups Banner and Natasha. This polish is a black jelly with a gold-copper shimmer and silver holographic flakies.

Ravy Red: If you have seen Ravynia, then you have seen her striking and bright red hair. This polish is a representation of that incredible red hue. This polish is a bright red jelly with a red-gold-slight green shimmer.

Princess Nattie: Nattie is one of Ravy’s dogs and she has definitely earned the Princess title. She is the princess of the house and you can regularly find her in the background of Ravynia’s streams and occasionally catch a little bork during the daytime. This polish is a deep royal purple shade with holographic shimmer and gold-silver ultra chrome chameleon flakies.


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