Scent List

Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut - (BBW Dupe) fresh doughnuts with a blend of cinnamon and maple and notes of sugar sprinkles and vanilla musk

Fizzy Lemonade - a mix of sweet and tart lemonade with a dash of fizzy effervescence to remind you of summer

Hot Cocoa - dark chocolate with notes of fresh cream, smooth butter, and velvety chocolate

Mint Chocolate Chip - a delightful scent of sweet creamy mint mixed with a touch of chocolate

Nuka Cherry - effervescent shirley temple scent

Nuka Cola - effervescent cola scent

Nuka Cola Quantum - sweet blue raspberry slushie

Nuka Grape - effervescent grape soda pop

Nuka Orange - effervescent orange soda pop

Pumpkin Spice - a spiced pumpkin scent to take you back to Autumn