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This is my first collection release after a bit of an unofficial hiatus and I am so excited. This collection has been seven years in the making! It was created in collaboration with Aubrey (@icantmynailsarewet on Instagram). We’ve been discussing this collection since GGL opened. This collection is inspired by some key moments in the How I Met Your Mother show.


Eating Sandwiches is a glitter topper with green holographic microglitter and green metallic shreds. This polish also comes with a baggie of green holographic cannabis leaves. This is inspired by the scene in which the characters are referring to smoking weed as “eating sandwiches”.

Shattering Glass is a silver holographic flake topper. This polish is inspired by the episode where the characters have a “glass shattering” moment that ruins their view of a romantic partner.

Robin Sparkles is a silver holographic polish with neon rainbow glitters. This polish can be used over other colors if a single thin layer is used or it can be built up to opacity with a couple coats. This is inspired by character Robin’s former life as a Canadian popstar named Robin Sparkles.

Blue French Horn is a shimmery metallic blue polish with a subtle purple shift at certain angles/lighting. This polish is inspired by a blue french horn that Ted steals for Robin during the pilot episode of the show and remains a symbol seen throughout.

The Yellow Umbrella is a yellow creme polish. This polish is inspired by the yellow umbrella left behind at one of Ted’s parties by the titular Mother and remains a symbol of the Mother throughout.

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