The Fabulous Killjoys Full Collection

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Look alive, sunshine! This is the Fabulous Killjoys collection! It's 2019 in the zones in California. Better Living Industries has zombified nearly everyone. Except for you! You can fight Korse, the Draculoids, and the Scarecrows in style with these four polishes based on our favorite Killjoys! Fight back against BL/Ind in color! Keep your boots tight, keep your gun close. And die with your mask on if you've got to. Here are the polishes...

The Future Is Bulletproof is based on the Kobra Kid and his bright red leather jacket and yellow shirt. This polish is a bright red jelly base with matte yellow and black microglitter.

The Aftermath Is Secondary is based on our leader Party Poison and his deep blue letter jacket. This polish is an ultramarine blue jelly base with black shreds, matte cherry red and white microglitter.

Do It Now And Do It Loud is based on Jet-Star and his leather jacket with brown and red accents. This is a shimmery brown polish with black and holographic red microglitter.

Make Some Noise is based on Fun Ghoul and his green and yellow outfit. This is a gunmetal base with metallic green shreds and gold microflakies.


Jenn (@nailsbyjenno)

Jerusha (@myshinyclaws)

Jessenia (@lielovelivelove)