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This year is Geekish Glitter Lacquer’s second anniversary. We opened up on Friday the 13th of October in 2017 and we like to keep it spooky around here for our indieversary! This year we completed a long planned out collection with Jessenia (@lielovelivelove) based around the famous Stanley Kubrik movie, The Shining!

“Some Shine and Some Don’t” is a light beige crelly base packed with large red hex glitter, medium orange hex glitter and neon blue microglitter. This is based on our boy Danny and the print of the famous carpet in the Overlook Hotel. This polish is $8.

“All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy” is a nude crelly base with navy microglitter and matte red microglitter. This polish is based around the very infamous typed message from Jack and his cozy looking flannel. This polish is $8.

“REDRUM” is a bloody red jelly base with red holographic micro shreds. This one is based on Danny’s little friend Tony and the ominous message on the door. This polish is $8.

“Come Play With Us” is a light blue crelly base with metallic red shreds. Everyone knows the creepy Grady twins, right? This is based on their blue dresses and their unfortunate murder. This polish is $8.


“HERE’S JOHNNY” is a dark grey base with a pinch of metallic silver pigment with red holographic microshreds and matte red microglitter. You know the scene where Jack loses his mind with the ax? Here’s the polish! This polish is $8.

This will release on October 11th at 12pm MST. Each polish is $8 and the entire collection can be purchased for $36.